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  A free 20-minute consultation with a probate specialist   

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Your free 20 minute consultation with a probate solicitor

Take advantage of a free 20-minute consultation with a probate solicitor or specialist probate practitioner. 

We offer a free 20-minute telephone consultation with a probate solicitor or regulated probate practitioner. The probate specilaist will offer advice and answer any questions you may have on how best to deal with your probate (also known as estate administration). The consultation can be used to discuss any aspect of probate, intestacy, estate administration or contentious probate (often referred to as disputed wills).

To make the most of your free 20-minute consultation you should be thoroughly prepared. To help you with this we ask you to review our Probate Checklist before you speak with one of our probate experts. The checklist will help you to collate the necessary documentation and information about the estate you need to administer or contest. We will send you the checklist when you book your appointment.  Not ready to talk? You can request the checklist and book at a later date.

Not ready to talk?
Request the Probate Checklist. 

You can request the checklist and book  your free consultation at a later date.

    When you request the checklist you are giving your consent to receive emails from The Probate Network. We will only send you emails relating to the service offered by The Probate Network and you can unsubscribe from our emails at any time. We will never sell your details to a third party. For detailed information please read our Privacy Policy.

    Following your 20-minute consultation your legal position will become much clearer. You should know either…….

    Probate and Estate Administration

    • If probate is required;
    • If probate is your responsibility or, whether it should fall to someone else;
    • If you feel confident to enough to complete the probate process yourself or, if you would prefer your affairs to be handled by a specialist solicitor;
    • If professional help is required, an idea of cost and timescales.

    Disputed Wills / Probate

    • To ascertain if there are any legal grounds to on which to contest a will.
    • To ascertain if their are legal grounds on which to challenge an executor or administrator.
    • An idea of costs of timescales if professional help is required.
    • An idea of the next steps to take.

    Book your free consultation.

    No obligation, no catch just your initial probate questions answered.

    Probate News and Updates

    Probate Fees Increase

    On the 26th January there was a change to the fees payable to the government when an application

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