There is now a product that helps people who are involved in a dispute over a will or inheritance but don’t have the money to pay the legal costs involved.

Most lenders insist on various conditions and legal opinions to make their decision. This can incur costs of £5,000+ and can take months and even after all that time and money, the decision could still be ‘no’.

Thankfully, there is now a unique loan product available for people who want to fund an inheritance dispute.

This could include invalid wills, beneficiaries who feel they should be entitled to a greater share of the inheritance, and those who want to pursue a claim under the 1975 Inheritance Act, which makes provision for family members and dependants of the deceased.

Unlike traditional funding methods this unique product has numerous benefits.

  • There are no assessment costs – a decision is made based on the information provided by a solicitor (although no judgement is provided by the finance provider on the validity of the case)
  • The amount of funding is agreed at the start and can cover 100% of the costs
  • Fast, simple decision making
  • The funding is paid back from the proceeds of the inheritance
  • Even if you lose there’s no personal liability and no monthly repayments
  • No credit checks

  • No charge over property

  • No monthly repayments

  • No pre-application assessment costs

  • Funding for 100% of legal costs

This is a loan designed specifically to cover the legal costs to contest a will or dispute an inheritance and will enable you to fund the fight to receive what is rightfully yours.

Please note:

  • Representative 22.0% APR

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