There is far more to dealing with the aftermath of a family death than the legal aspect of probate. Sometimes the loss of a loved one creates problems that need a different kind of support.  

Claire Edwards Eldercare Consultant is owned and run by registered nurse Claire Edwards, an independent care advisor and professional eldercare consultant.  

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Claire Edwards, Eldercare Consultant

You don’t understand the level of support until its gone 

Claire’s experience is invaluable to families who are already reeling from the loss of an older, much loved family member.  When one half of an elderly couple dies it can leave a huge hole for the person left behind, particularly when they have spent a large proportion of their life together.  All too often that individual, an elderly person trying to navigate a new life alone, find themselves struggling.  After many years of supporting each other emotionally, physically and financially the full extent of that support only comes to light once that support is gone.  

The extended family can bear the burden  

If there are extended family, they too feel the loss. Loss of their loved one and loss of that support. Immediately concerns are raised about how that support can be replaced during a period when there are so many other tasks and responsibilities to be fulfilled. This can place a significant strain on relationships within the family, particularly when it becomes necessary to make temporary arrangements to accommodate and provide care for the older person who may themselves want personal space.   

Furthermore such an event can cause a dramatic change in the financial circumstances of the person left behind and understanding what financial support is available from the state is essential in this circumstance.  

If you are struggling, or you have an elderly relative that is struggling, there is help 

Claire can provide a calm presence, sound advice and care solutions working along side other involved professionals, such as solicitors, financial advisers and care providers as required. 

Claire Edwards Eldercare Consultant is owned and run by registered nurse Claire Edwards, an independent care advisor and professional eldercare consultant.  

She has many years’ experience providing invaluable emotional and practical support to older people and their families; helping them to navigate the NHS and Social Services, find the right care solution and access all available funding, all of which can be daunting to busy families facing eldercare concerns.    

Claire offers a range of personal and professional services, guiding older people and their families through the care maze. These include:  

  • A telephone helpline (up to 30 minutes) to answer immediate concerns. 
  • A consultation visit to properly understand all aspects of the situation so that independent, accurate and personalised advice can be given and to ensure that important and previously unconsidered points are not missed. 
  • Bespoke and evidence based research and reporting of the most suitable care options to support informed decision making about the best care solution.  
  • Accompanied care home visits to take some of the stress and worry out of identifying the right care home.   
  • Detailed independent health and care needs assessment to facilitate optimum care provision and effective later life planning.  
  • Assistance with the completion of Attendance Allowance forms to improve the likelihood of a successful application.  
  • Mediation and advocacy services to support individuals or families during difficult conversations or meetings.   

Claire providers her services in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, Hampshire and Berkshire. If you would like some more information on Claire’s services or details on an Eldercare Practitioner nearer to you, please complete the form below.  


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