What would you do if you could have your inheritance sooner?

On average the probate process in the UK takes around 12 months, sometimes longer, which can be a long wait if you need access to cash now. If you are expecting an inheritance and need it sooner rather than later there is a unique financial product which enables beneficiaries to get some of their inheritance earlier.

What is Inheritance Advance UK?

Inheritance advance UK is a loan that is based on an inheritance you are due to receive. It differs from a normal loan because there is no personal liability and no monthly repayments. It enables beneficiaries to get up to 70% of their inheritance earlier. Once probate is complete and the estate is distributed to all beneficiaries the loan, plus fees and interest, will be repaid directly from the estate.

Probate can be a long process which can be frustrating when finances are tight and the cash is needed. Inheritance Advance UK enables you to have access to your inheritance earlier than the formal probate process will allow.

  • No upfront payment

  • No early repayment fee

  • No ongoing monthly repayments

  • Competitive rates – at 1.5% per month

  • Simple application process and a quick lending decision

The loan advance is secured by an assignment of the inheritance monies you are due to receive from the estate and you may be able to receive up to 70% of your anticipated inheritance monies. The advance and interest are repaid out of your entitlement when they become available.

Please note: A recognised and regulated administrator e.g. solicitor must be instructed to manage the estate. If you don’t have a solicitor please request your first (free) probate consultation.

More Information

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