On the 26th January there was a change to the fees payable to the government when an application for probate is made.

If the estate is low value, under £5000, a fee is not payable. If the estate is over £5000 the fee as of 26th January 2022 is £273.

Extra copies of the probate document cost £1.50. Extra copies do save time as many organisations require an original copy of the probate documentation so multiple copies means you can send it to numerous companies at the same time.

For full details on current government probate fees visit the government’s website: Applying for Probate – Fees

Charges for Probate Services

The charge for £273 is the government charge for making an application for probate. If you need professional advice and support to guide you through the process the fee’s charged by probate advisors varies greatly. Some probate specialists and solicitors charge and hourly rate, some offer fixed fee probate and others a percentage of the value of the estate.

If you would like some initial free advice you can request a free 20 minute consultation with one of our probate specialists who can provide some free advice, a quote for advice and support or both

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