Nobody is particularly comfortable facing up to the fact that there will be a time when they are no longer around. Unfortunately death is a fact of life which is why it makes sense to plan for a time when you are no longer around in a way that makes it easier for your loved ones to cope in the aftermath of death.   

We are not just talking about making a will? 

For those who have a Will in place, when we pass away, our wishes and requests are followed as per the Will. An Executor will be named in your Will and they will have the responsibility of managing your estate and affairs ensuring that all beneficiaries receive what you have left to them. 

This can be a very complex process and time-consuming too, but once a Grant of Probate has been obtained, named executors can begin acting on your wishes. However, things are not always simple. Many people, particularly people who have accumulated wealth and assets can leave behind a complex web of financial arrangements, assets and wishes that prove to be a challenge to unravel and manage. Sometimes there is a paper trail of a person’s life but these days, with the emergence of online accounts, that’s not always the case.  

Why is Life Planning / Death Planning So Important? 

Consider everything that we might do during our lifetime, especially in the modern world that we live in. We might have loans, bank accounts, credit cards, subscriptions, investments and much more, all of which could end up being lost when we pass away. Each year, millions of pounds are lost when people pass away because executors are unaware of accounts that deceased individuals might have owned and have no information to work with in order to track them down. 

Online accounts magnify this problem with passwords and stringent verification processes. On death there is a risk that these accounts can all disappear into the abyss of the online world but there is a way around this by using that death planning using death planning or life planning software. 

What Does Death Planning Software Offer? 

In years gone by, people would have had to store hard copies of bank account information, investments and all other commitments that they might have had. It might have been easier to store this information back then but now more of us are doing things online which means that our commitments can reach far and wide, making it difficult to keep everything documented and in order but this is where death planning software really makes a difference. 

You could consider this software to be more like a virtual filing cabinet where you store all of the most precious and important information you hold. What is also important about this software is that it also offers security. The content you store within it will be confidential and of high-importance so everything is stored securely. Furthermore, you can also nominate individuals who will be able to access your account after you pass away so it remains confidential during your lifetime but is available to Executors when they need it.  

This software is designed to keep everything within your life structured and organised. It will enable you to put your hands on any information you need during your lifetime. It then makes life easier for those who have to find out all of this information after you pass away.  

With one username and password, executors can open up the window to your life and access all of the information they need in order to follow your every wish. It will ensure that all of your finances remain in order and that your estate in its entirety is distributed in accordance with your Will. It helps to avoid the loss of money and that will ensure that beneficiaries receive exactly what you want them to. 

Furthermore, it allows you and your loved ones to deal with the emotional aspect that comes with death. Having to deal with probate and managing your wishes is a stressful experience that can prove even more challenging when they cannot find what they are looking for. Therefore, online death planning software helps to ease the burden while you can leave video messages, and store memories and all other important information. In addition to this, you can also store personal digital content too. This can include the likes of personal photos and videos. Those who then access your vault after you pass away will then be able to keep your treasured digital content safe. 

Don’t let your hard-earned money disappear once you pass away and make sure that your estate is in order when the time comes. All of this is made possible with death planning software because it streamlines life admin and helps to create a digital legacy that offers complete peace of mind for you and loved ones. 


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