A new secure, online system to notify a death to multiple companies, in one go.

The Probate Problem

Anyone who has been tasked with finalising the affairs of someone who has died will understand that something which should be a simple task can prove to be extremely difficult, tedious and time consuming. This is particularly difficult when this particular task is being completed at a time of grief, after the loss of a loved one.

What are we talking about? Closing accounts – bank accounts, utilities, mobile phones, insurance, broadband providers to name but a few. Until now each service provider needs to be contacted individually and each provider needs the death certificate, often the original and not a copy, which needs to be sent via the post. It can be an arduous task.

The Very Welcome Solution from Settled

Now grieving families can access a new secure, online system to notify a death to multiple companies, in one go.

The Government’s Tell Us Once service allows people to notify someone’s death for government related services in one go. Settld’s free service notifies all other companies – banks, building societies, insurance, utility companies, along with personal and household services providers.

Members of the public can upload the necessary documents via a secure webform at Settld.care, after which Settld will automatically notify service providers of a death and of the need to close or transfer accounts.

The new account closure service removes much of the stress associated with having to individually contact banks, insurers, mobile and broadband providers, TV subscription services and others, to inform them of the death of a friend or family member.

The Motivation Behind Settld

Settld is founded by a mother and daughter team. Julie and Vicky Wilson started the business after the personal experience of losing Vicky’s gran. The pair are determined to remove for others the stress associated with having to close multiple accounts of someone who has died.

Steven Wibberly, CEO of Cruse Bereavement Care, said: “The death of a loved one is one of the most devastating things any of us will ever face. In the aftermath, people should be able to spend time with their families to grieve, rather than wasting hours struggling their way through unhelpful and bureaucratic procedures from banks and utilities. We welcome any new service which will help bereaved families with this end of life admin.”

Vicky Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Settld, said: “There’s now no need to ring each and every company to tell them that your grandparent, or husband or wife, sister or brother, or child has died. Our automated system takes care of that and alleviates time wasted hanging on the end of a phone, or sending countless emails.

“We’ve also found, as we tested the service, that we’ve been able to save some people hundreds of pounds by closing monthly subscription services early, rather than have the payments roll on in the background.

Settld is also available to Probate law firms and councils who need to notify organisations of a death, on behalf of their clients and those in council care.

If you would like to use Settld’s free service you visit their website to get started: https://settld.care/

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