The Probate Network Membership Options

The Probate Network was created to be a comprehensive and free resource site for people who are dealing with probate. However, what we offer is limited because it’s free which means our website visitors will need to search for probate service providers.

Finding Probate Service Providers

One of the key features of site is the functionality for website visitors to easily find probate related service providers who can help with their specific requirements.

Probate service providers includes a vast range of services ranging from probate solicitors and probate practitioners to probate property renovation specialists. We ae open to offering Membership to any type of reputable service provider but they have to offer services related to probate.

How It Works

Step 1: The website visitor in need of a probate related service visits our site and completes an online form where they can stipulate their exact requirements.

Step 2: The enquiry details, but not contact details, are emailed to relevant service providers.

Step 3: Based on the enquiry details, if they believe they can help, the service provider can then claim the lead and they will be provided with contact details. The website visitor will also receive an email confirming which service provider has received their contact details.

We limit the number of service providers who receive the contact details to three. Leads are allocated to service providers on a first come first served basis.

The Benefits of Membership

The Membership Portal

Members claim leads via the Membership Portal. This video explains how it works.

How Much Does It Cost?

Administration Fee

Each Member pays a monthly administration fee of between £2 and £10 per month (the fee is dependent on how many leads we can generate for a particular service).

The Administration Fee is billed monthly via Direct Debit.

The Leads

When you claim a lead your account is billed. The leads costs between £2 and £25 but this information is always clear before you buy the lead. Lead price is dependent on the lead type. For example, a lead for probate advice for an estate valued at over £1 million will cost more than an estate valued at less than £50,000.

A lead is only becomes chargeable once it is claimed. There there is an option to reject a lead with good reason. For example, the contact details were incorrect or a competitor is testing our system (it’s annoying but it happens).

For more information on our pricing structure, please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Our Membership Portal

To facilitate the smooth distribution of leads we have developed a Membership Portal which is where you can claim and track leads.

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