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Coping with the death of a loved one can be a difficult experience, especially when coupled with the stress of probate proceedings. To help, The Probate Network can connect you with knowledgeable and compassionate probate solicitors in Birmingham who are willing to offer free probate advice. The Probate Network’s goal is to simplify the probate process and provide you with a clear plan of action by introducing you to a solicitor who understands your situation.

What can you expect?

When you reach out to The Probate Network, you’ll be put in touch with reliable and empathetic probate solicitors in Birmingham who will provide some initial free probate advice via a twenty minute telephone consultation. The probate solicitor be a member of the Law Society and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The call won’t be a sales pitch, but instead a chance for you to get genuine free advice that can help you plan your next steps. You can discuss various probate-related matters during the call.

Common discussions relate to:

Additionally, you can ask for a probate quote if you need further assistance. If a quote during the call isn’t considered, there is always the option to request a probate quote at a later date using our online form.

Why use The Probate Network?

Not all solicitors offer free advice, which is why The Probate Network stands out. By connecting you with a probate solicitor in Birmingham who is willing to provide free probate advice, you can get the answers you need and determine if the solicitor is someone you can work with should you need further advice in the future.

The Probate Checklist

Before your call, it’s advisable to review The Probate Network’s probate checklist, which lists all of the necessary documents for completing the probate process. Doing so will ensure that you’re fully prepared for the call which means you can make the most of the free advice offered.

What happens next?

After the call, you’ll have a better understanding of your legal position, which will help you decide whether you need the support of a probate solicitor. If you do, you’ll have a clear idea of the costs and timeframes involved. You can request assistance from the probate solicitor for specific elements of the probate process, such as calculating inheritance tax and exemptions, which can be a complex and tricky area to navigate. It’s also possible to apply for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and then ask the probate solicitor for help with estate administration and distribution, a common request if there are lots of beneficiaries or complex financial arrangements to unravel. Or sometimes it’s the other way around. A solicitor is used to secure the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and then the personal representatives deal with finalising the estate. Whichever way our Birmingham based probate solicitors can help, they will be pleased to offer you support and guidance.

If your consultation pertains to contentious probate, you’ll gain insight into whether you have grounds to contest and the likelihood of success, as well as an estimate of the legal costs involved. Unfortunately litigation is rarely cheap and so the cost has to be balanced with the value of the estate plus the potential damage to family relationships which a long drawn our dispute will no doubt cause.

The Probate Services Business Directory

The Probate Network’s probate services business directory is another useful resource, allowing you to find a range of probate service providers in Birmingham and beyond. Throughout the probate process it’s likely you will need the support of a range of professionals who can help. The directory includes providers for:

  • probate finance and probate loans designed specifically to pay inheritance tax or to obtain an inheritance advance.
  • probate insurance including executors insurance and unoccupied house insurance
  • RICs property valuers
  • genealogists
  • asset and will searches
  • burial and cremation
  • valuers for all types of property including jewels and cars
  • Probate specific house clearance

This is just a few of the services listed in the searchable directory.

At The Probate Network, we pride ourselves on delivering on our promises, providing pressure-free advice that empowers you to make informed decisions.

Following your 20-minute consultation your legal position will become much clearer. You should know either…….

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Ian SelingerIan Selinger
17:19 05 Nov 23
The person I spoke with seemed to be very knowledgeable and made some good points. But, given the relatively simple probate application (uncontested and all documents available) the charge of 1.75% on £750k is way over the top. Substantially more than my local high street solicitor. So thanks but no thanks.
Andy BAndy B
11:10 03 Sep 23
I used the 20 minute free service. The call I received was punctual and my three questions were answered fully and clearly. There was no pressure to progress to 'paid for' services. On that basis, if I do need further help with probate, I think I'd be happy to try them out.
Really really helpful at such a difficult and vulnerable time.He went through everything clearly and supportively
Robert BrownRobert Brown
18:58 02 Aug 23
My appointment was scheduled and the subsequent call was on time. I had an excellent discussion with Keisha. She provided a detailed answer to my query and gave me a clear way forward.
Lorraine PrangnellLorraine Prangnell
18:50 23 Jul 23
I can't thank Lesley at Awakened Law enough for the invaluable advice she provides with regards the my late fathers estate. She was kind, sympathetic and answered all my questions.There was no 'hard sell' to employ her services, which, I have to confess, had been a concern.Thanks again to Lesley and The Probate Network.
David FDavid F
10:23 31 May 23
I hate to leave negative reviews, especially as it seems everybody else has had a good experience, but I booked an online consultation and sat waiting for 20 minutes and nobody contacted me. I also submitted an online enquiry asking a question instead and never received a reply. The only contact I received was an email asking for feedback, so here it is.
Tim GuyTim Guy
09:44 26 Apr 23
An excellent service which has helped enormously in my quest for sound legal advice and representation. Thank you so very much JulieWith best wishes,Tim
17:54 10 Apr 23
I needed some advice on completing probate inheritance tax forms. I thought this may be a sales pitch but it wasn't. The guy I spoke with gave me some really useful advice which helped me to complete the all the forms which HMRC seem to be happy with. Great service, highly recommended.
Nancy SmithNancy Smith
06:39 02 Apr 23
Whilst I did get some useful advice this arena is more focused on selling the services of the solicitor who you meet with, and I felt the advice was not definitive because of that. My call was a WhatsApp video call which I wasn’t expecting. If you’re ready and presentable it’s probably better!
Fred SharpFred Sharp
16:50 13 Dec 22
The agent was very patient in dealing with the multiplicity of detail that I supplied, and with the numerous questions that I asked. I sense that this patience caused the consultation to go beyond the allotted time, and that was especially appreciated.
Vera TaylorVera Taylor
12:38 07 Jul 21
Holly was fantastic. She contacted me prior to the appointment to ensure that the time was still convenient. During the consultation she was objective and informative. Excellent information, advice and guidance. The offer to answer further questions was also offered. An amazing service that really helped me when I needed it massively. Thank you and would recommend this to anyone needing support with regards to being left sorting out an estate, with or without a will. Thank you Holly
a Ba B
09:47 17 May 21
Often ‘free consultation’ means vague information and a hard sell so I was sceptical about this service. How wrong I was! They were absolutely brilliant! They listened, they gave me good advice discussing options and made sure I was clear about the legal position before finishing the call. There was no ‘sell’ and no pressure. Based on this experience they come acidosis open, transparent and honest and so, if things don’t work out, I’d be inclined to go back to The Probate Network. Superb!
jude eejude ee
13:58 26 Dec 20
Booked a 20 minute free consultation as desperate for advice - had no expectation of it actually happening or being useful but it turned out to be exactly what was promised - free, professional advice (and very useful) at the time slot I chose. Am v grateful - thanks.

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