The Probate Network is providing a way for people dealing with probate and estate administration following the death of a family member, access to free resources which can help to guide them through the probate process.

The main gift of The Probate Network is access to probate specialists who are willing to provide some free probate advice. Those facing the probate process can use an online request facility to arrange a time to speak with a qualified probate specialist about any aspect of probate ranging from probate forms and inheritance tax to contentious probate matters.

The site also offers a wealth of self help and advice articles and links to other free resources which a grieving family will find useful. The Probate Network is helping to educate people on the difficult and often overwhelming process of dealing with estate administration. They offer self-help guides and FAQs to help people make informed decisions.

The latest launch from The Probate Network is the Probate Services Business Directory. The Probate Network’s Founder Julie Draper explains the development. She says, “When we launched the Network in 2020 the concept was to give people access to free legal advice to help them through a process that can be complex and confusing. The Directory was launched this year because we were constantly being approached for information on other types of probate related services including probate finance, probate insurance and probate valuations. Launching a directory to feature reputable firms which offer these services seemed like a logical next step.”

The Directory is free to join. Julie continues, “We offer free membership so we can create a comprehensive probate directory which is genuinely useful to families. It’s not a directory that only contains businesses which are willing to pay an advertising fee.”

The idea of the Network came from the experience Julie and her family faced when dealing with probate after her father’s death. She wanted to provide a way for people to get easily accessible probate help to guide them in the right direction. Julie continues, “Probate is often combined with grief and it’s an extremely difficult time. Certainly not a time when a family wants to be faced with commercially driven sales people. The Probate Network aims to offer families services and products which can help them through their grief and the probate process, but they can be discovered and utilised by families easily and in their own time.”

With this in mind The Probate welcomes businesses that are related to dealing with death and probate to join. This includes business ranging from the legal and accountancy sector to those who provide services such as counselling services to burial and commemorative options. For more information visit

About The Probate Network

Founded in 2020, The Probate Network offers free estate administration consultations with qualified and regulated probate specialist in England and Wales. It also offers a Probate Business Directory with listings for probate practitioners and related services.

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