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The Probate Network does not offer advice or services directly. We send your request to four probate practitioners who are members of of The Probate Network and willing to offer some initial free advice. All Probate Network Members are checked and verified before joining and are are qualified, experienced, regulated* and insured.

The free consultation is available subject to conditions.

  • You are an Executor named in the Will or the next of kin of the deceased.
  • A Probate Practitioner has not already been instructed in relation to probate.

Once you submit your request up to four probate practitioners will contact you to offer you a free consultation. 

*All probate practitioners who are members of The Probate Network are regulated by either the SRA, ICAEW or CLC so you can be assured that the person who you speak with will be professional and qualified.

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Are you a person with the authority to deal with the estate? e.g. The Executor or the next of kin of the deceased *
Has a probate specialist already been appointed in relation to this probate?
Is there a will associated with the probate?
Did the deceased usually reside in England or Wales? *
Does the estate include assets located in England or Wales
Do you have the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration?
Is there a surviving spouse or civil partner?
Does the probate involve any kind of dispute? *
What is the approximate value of the estate? *
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